FN-rapport: Afghanistan er det femte mindst udviklede land i verden

Afghanistan has dropped one place in a UN study that ranks the population’s development in 178 countries worldwide. "Human Development Index" is based on values like income, life expectancy and literacy.
The report was released on November 18th and shows that only four other countries (all of them located in Africa) ranks lower than Afghanistan. This makes Afghanistan the fifth least developed country in the world and the poorest in all of Asia.

In 2004, the year of the first ever Human Development Index for Afghanistan, the country "only" ranked as the sixth least developed country.

Among other results, the report shows that 68 percent of the Afghan population don’t have sustainable access to clean water, and that 50 percent of all children under the age of five are underweight.

Mission East is one of the few Danish aid organisations operating in Afghanistan. In 2006, we supplied nine villages with clean drinking water systems, and helped 1,142 families plan kitchen gardens among other activities.

Vice Managing Director Peter Blum Samuelsen visited Afghanistan in the summer of 2007. He experienced for himself how big a difference Mission East’s support makes for a great number of people.
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