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Mission East cookie policy

Mission East cookies

When you use our website small data files known as cookies will be placed on your computer.  These are not there to identify you personally, but rather they help us improve what we do by letting us see how people use the site.

Limiting the use of cookies on your computer

These cookies aren’t needed for our site to work and can be switched off in your browser (the exception to this is for staff members editing the site).  The method of switching  turning off cookies will depend on exactly which browser you are using, so here are links to how to do it for some common browsers 

How Mission East uses cookies

Name Description
_ga, _gat, _gid These cookies are set by Google as part of the Google Analytics package that Mission East uses to look at how our site is used by visitors.  We can’t personally identify users using these cookies and the Google policy on how the Google Analytics cookies are used can be found here 
has_js This is set to tell us whether or not you have javascript enabled in your browser.  The site may then show some parts differently depending on whether javascript can actually be used.
_lc.visitor.id.xxx There will be cookie with a name starting with _lc.visitor.id. and then a long string of random digits and letters after.  This is to uniquely identify your session without you having to log in to the site.  This is set by our website and allow it to remember you as you visit and travel round our site.  
cookie-agreed-en If you agree to cookie use on our site then this gets set
Sreferrer, _alid_ Some of the videos on our site are hosted by a photo site called Smugmug.  If you view one of those videos then these cookies get set.  Sreferrer tells Smugmug that the video is on the www.miseast.org site and it will last a month.  _alid_ is a session cookie related to which video is being watched and it gets cleared when your browser is closed.
dact, c_usr, datr, dpr,fr, presence, sb, wd, xs Some of the pages on the miseast.org website allow you to click a button to like the page or the story on facebook.  Once you have visited facebook then these cookies will have been set by facebook to follow what you do.    The reg_xxx cookies are all session cookies that expire when you close your browser.   datr lasts two years.  There is more information on the facebook privacy policy here 
ihy,__qca, SMSESS If you visit the photos.miseast.org part of our site then these are set by Smugmug to allow us to show and embed videos and photos


Note that Mission East uses third party sites Facebook, YouTube and Smugmug to share information with you.  Those sites will also collect usage information.

You can also find our full privacy policy here