AEC funding provides 1,000 people in Nepal with clean drinking water

The AEC Foundation has provided Mission East with funding for vital development activities in the remote, mountainous Soru Belt area of Nepal.

Thanks to the generosity of AEC, water systems will now be constructed to provide safe drinking water for approximately 1,000 people.
An assessment team from Mission East, and our local partner KIRDARC, visited the Soru Belt in December 2006.

"The scenes we saw in many villages shocked us much more than we expected. Many people were wearing rags (despite the cold); there were flies everywhere, very little food and a desperation for drinking water. It seemed like people were subsisting and no more," team leader Graeme Glover says.

Development in the Soru Belt has been badly affected by the recent civil war in Nepal. There are high levels of disease, extreme poverty and little in the way of sustainable infrastructure.

The assessment visit identified that the lack of safe drinking water as one of the key problems. The lack of clean water is a cause of water-related disease (e.g. malaria, diarrhoea etc). Many of the people who will benefit from this project are using water from open water channels or pools of stagnant water - water already infected by the faeces and clouds of flies that are in each village. In addition, water collection from current sources can take many hours and is an extreme burden on women and children in terms of physical labour and time required.

July 2007