Food security for 5,000 people in Nepal

During the next year and a half, Mission East will help sustainably improve the food situation for 5,000 people in northern Nepal.
The World Food Programme categorizes the situation in the remote, mountainous Soru Belt area of Nepal as an emergency situation. Despite focusing their working lives on agriculture, communities suffer from periods during the year where food runs out. The reasons for this "food gap" include a lack of appropriate infrastructure (e.g. irrigation systems) and a lack of appropriate farming knowledge – resulting in many hours spent working for little output.

Over the next 18 months, in the Jaira and Kalika sub districts within the Soru Belt, Mission East and local partner KIRDARC will provide farmer-managed irrigation systems for 360 households. In addition, farmer-trainers will be trained and training materials provided, so that every household in Jaira and Kalika can have access to improved farming skills and technology.

This project funded by Danida forms part of an integrated approach (together with our water and sanitation work) that Mission East and partners are taking to tackle the chronic poverty in the Soru Belt.

August 2007