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Supporter Privacy

Supporter Privacy Statement

Our supporters

If you have donated to us and have given us a name and an email address or physical address, then we will record you as a supporter in our systems.  We love supporters, and public donors love you too as it shows that you like our work and that makes big public donors more likely to support us.

If you are a supporter then we will, with your permission, send you regular email updates, our magazine if you want and also details of specific campaigns that might be of interest when they happen.

To do this we keep various bits of information to help us best manage how we communicate with you and we list these at the bottom of this page.  We keep this information securely in our systems and we do our best not to keep information that we don’t need nor to keep it longer that we need to, either for legal or practical reasons.   Nevertheless, you do have the right to ask us to remove your data or to correct it if it is wrong.

If you don’t want to receive any communications from us

If you would like to not receive any communications from us but still support our work then that is easy.  You can either send an email to us at or phone us on 39 61 20 48 and we will take your wishes into account.  We will need your name and supporter number (if you know it) or some other piece of information to identify you.  You can then choose to receive or not receive the following:

  • Email newsletters
  • Direct mail campaigns
  • Our magazine
  • Telemarketing calls on our behalf
  • Thank you letters when you make donation (if you choose to receive thank you letters then you can choose between email or regular mail if we have the appropriate address).

If you no longer want to be a supporter, then just email or phone us and we will close your supporter record completely.   If you have made donations to us during the year and have asked us to send them to the tax office, then we will still do that.

If you want to be completely removed from our systems

At any time you can send an email to and request to be deleted from our systems.   We will then go through all our systems and either delete or anonymise your records so that you can no longer be identified in our records.  The only exception to this is in places where we are legally required to keep data, e.g. where you have asked us to report donations to the tax office, and in these cases we will then keep only the data needed, only for the required period of time and then delete it when no longer needed.

We anonymise some records rather than delete them as for example we still need to be able to report all donations have been applied to the projects they were given for, but we will remove all identifying information such as comments, phone numbers and address.    

If you want to know what information we hold on you

Please send an email to and we will supply you with a copy of the information we have about you.  Note that we will ask for further information to check that we have the right person.

What data we keep on supporters

We only keep data on supporters that we need to contact them, send them information, process donations we are given and to manage the relationship with that supporter.  What we keep is:

  • Name, address and telephone number(s) of either a single person or both names in a couple
  • The name of the organization if they are representing and organization e.g. a church
  • Another supporter they are linked to.  For example, sometimes by accident a supporter can end up being in our system twice.  We would close one record but keep a link in case there was a problem in the future
  • Membership
  • Email address for contact – we would use this for personal contacts only e.g. for thanking for a donation
  • Email address for our newsletters. 
  • CPR Numbers if you want donations reported to tax.
  • Record of donations made and which projects they were for.
  • Any contact with us.  If you phone us or write to us then sometimes we will record that eg. If you want your donations split between you and your partner we would record that request
  • Gift letters.  If you have a gift letter, then we will record details of that
  • Documents.  If you send us any documents by mail or email, then we might keep the document or a scan of it if e.g. for a BS agreement
  • Tax record.   If you have asked us to report your donations to the tax office, then we will keep a record of those reports to the tax office
  • Mailing.  If we send you direct mail or a magazine then we keep a record, so we know what you have been sent
  • BS agreement – If you have agreed to make regular donations to us then we will store that agreement in our BS management system to allow us to make the payment requests.

You can also tell us various preferences and we record those as well. 

If we have thanked you for a donation by email you can do this by clicking on the link in the email.  Otherwise go to as make your selection there.

  • No bulk mail – If you have asked us not to send you email newsletters
  • No direct mail – if you have asked us not to send you direct mail about campaigns
  • No telemarketing – if you don’t want any telemarketing calls.  Note that we will still use your number for direct contact e.g. if we need to contact you about something we are unsure of
  • No magazine – if you don’t want us to send you our magazine
  • How you want to be thanked – We can thank you for donations by email, post or not at all if you prefer.  We will use email unless told otherwise